Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we went to my familys Christmas party and Santa came to visit before his busy night of delivering all the presents to the good boys and girls.
He read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and Lincoln was not a fan.
He went and got his candy cane, a photo and cried in mommys arms for awhile
Amanda on Santa's lap.
Our family.
We play a white elephant game and Lincoln started out with a Barbie, then it got stolen so he took the gift he brought and the little girl was sad at the end about him taking it that Lincoln traded with her. He is such a good, giving boy. I was so proud of him.
He ended up with a tetris game. He loved it.
After awhile he wanted to sit on Santas lap. He sat there for about 10 minutes. He loved him.
It's so cute how much he loves his Papa.
After the party we opened up our pajamas. They are so comfortable. I love them.
Lincoln says all the things that he got this year. We got a new puppy, a playset and is getting a baby brother and has lots of toys. It was a perfect jammy for him.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day!!!

Lincoln didn't wake up til 9:30 am since we didn't make it home until midnight because of the snow storm. When he woke up he was so tired and a little grumpy. He said he didn't want to open his presents. He wanted to watch his TV shows. We finally made him and he was so excited to open his gifts. I have all my pictures of the train table and his reaction on my 35mm camera that I need to get developed. Then I will add it. When Lincoln saw his train he was so excited. He didn't want to open any of his other presents. He got lots of game boards, 2 outfits, a Vtech computer and lots of other gifts. Dale got a BYU book and a tool holder to put in his car to travel with. I got a full body massage gift card, a Family Home Evening Book of Mormon for my coffee table and lots of other great stuff in my stocking. We were suppose to stay on budget of fifty dollars each and I know Dale went over. He spoiled me. But the best present of them all is I left work Tuesday night at 9pm and came home at 3am to a fully painted bedroom. I love it. He is simply wonderful. The best husband award....da da da dida.....goes to my husband. After the presents we had Breakfast Casserole (thank you Jenny and Brett for this great tradition we stole) then Pam and Jimmy came over. Jimmy gave Lincoln a shirt that said in 14 years he will be a dating machine. Pam got us a nativity set she made. It was very sweet for them to come to our house on Christmas.
Here is Amanda's gifts from the Rex Family. To go along with the Chi flat iron she got from Santa. Grandma and Grandpa Tomita spoiled Lincoln like always. He got a lot of presents and he especially liked the hot wheels jump. We all got stocking stuffers in a go green shopping bag, since Santa is going green. with all sorts of fun stuff including treats. My parents gave Dale and I calendars and great cards with special gifts inside. Thank you for spoiling us.

Lincoln opens the presents from the back so he can stick his fingers under the paper to open it nicely. He is so funny. Aunty Mandy got him a Wall-e blanket (which he can't live without) and Ryan got him a fun crayola box of markers, crayons, etc.

My cousin Heather.

My Grandma Love and Jimpa got him a time out chair with a timer on it and the Ellis Family got him a fun tent set that he loves. It comes with tunnels that goes from the tepee to the tent. Thank you everyone for another great Christmas.

My dad got a Rhino for Christmas and Lincoln was so excited to go VROOM, VROOM with Papa. Here is him all dressed in his snow gear.

Lincoln was happy that the horse (my parents chocolate lab, Coco) rode in the back with them.

He had so much fun. He didn't want to come in. Dale took him sledding down there big hill after his ride with Papa.

Taylors First Birthday

Taylor's birthday is on December 23rd, and we celebrated her first birthday at our clubhouse. It was so fun and I can't believe she is already One. The year went by so fast. Happy Birthday, Taylor.
Lincoln was stuck in the chair. Instead of helping him, I went to get my camera to take a picture. It was a Kodak moment. After the yummy dinner, the kids played a couple fun games. While they were waiting patiently, Mikki got them to play duck, duck, goose. It was really funny to watch because all the kids would get up when anyone said goose. Lincoln won the first game of the game like musical chairs. Then they played put the candle on the cake
Here is Lincoln giving Taylor her gift. He was so excited to give her gift to her. He loved it.
Madison taught Lincoln how to work his toy.
Taylor had a lot of fun playing with her cake. I thought she did pretty darn good at destroying the cake. It was so cute she was trying to feed people.


Lincoln has been wanting to play in the snow since it started snowing, but we have been so busy that we haven't been able to catch the good snow. Dale said that he would take him sledding, so we decided we could do it out in the front yard.
Dale was at the top of the driveway and I at the bottom. He had so much fun.
We got Lincoln's snow outfit last year a little big so he could wear it next year. But when we put it on it was a little short on the bottom and his sleeves were to short on the jacket. Luckily, he has great cousins that are done with their old ones and handed them down to Lincoln. Poor kid was freezing.

Lincoln wanted to go down the hill with Taylor so we got the big boy sled out and sent him on his way down the driveway. Taylor went in the other one along side him.

Taylor and Lincoln sitting in the snow. I don't she was very happy sitting in the snow...but I don't blame her.
Do you see how short his pants are?!?
Brett has a four wheeler and let Lincoln and Dale go around the neighborhood. Lincoln loved it.

Christmas Lights

We started a tradition when Lincoln was born to go to the lights at Thanksgiving Point. We go in cozy clothes, bring hot chocolate in mugs and candy canes. It's so fun to look at the lights and the story about Jesus Christ' birth at the end of the lights. Lincoln loves hearing the story.
Lincoln was excited that he was able to help dad so he could see the lights.
Lincoln loves Santa this year. Here he is waving at him. Sorry it's blurry.

Ward Christmas Party

At the Ward Christmas Party, the kids were waiting patiently for their special visitor to arrive. Lincoln was all excited to hear a story from that person, until.............
.......he realized it was Santa. He got up immediately looking for Dale and I. Dale is on the activities chair and was really busy planning everything for Santa.

We said that we would wait in line with Lincoln if he would sit on his lap. We explained that he had to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas to make sure Santa knows. I didn't even realize that we all matched. We had yummy soups that everyone brought. It was nice to eat and try a little of them all.
Lincoln telling Santa that he wants a train for Christmas. He told everyone he was asking for a train for Christmas.