Saturday, October 16, 2010


We decided we would go to the mountains to see the fall leaves in between General Conference. It sounded like a good idea and we were really excited to go as a family but everyone and their dog had the same idea. We were stuck in the mouth of the canyon for a good 20 minutes before we even entered the American Fork Canyon. The drive was beautiful. Lincoln learned all about the season fall and was telling us what colors the leaves were. The smell and sounds of the mountains and rivers were breathtaking. Especially after listening to our General Authorities talks about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. This is the way James enjoyed the fall afternoon car ride.

Lincoln took this picture for us.......Can I look any bigger!?! I had Henry a week later. Three weeks early.

Lincoln and I

Dale and Lincoln went on a hike. I stayed by the car so James could stay asleep and I obviously should not be hiking in my current condition.

BYU vs San Diego State

We decided to take the two boys to the San Diego State vs BYU game. We bundled them up and brought lots of blankets, and it ended up being a pretty warm day. James wasn't as bad as we thought an 18 mth old would be. We shoved cotton candy and treats in his mouth. while Lincoln ended up playing with the I-phone for most of the game. The fun part was having him blow the whistle whenever the scored. He also, loves to sing the fight song.

Oh and by the way I was 37 weeks pregnant and had my baby on that Monday night. Gotta love a good football game to put you into labor. Luckily it wasn't during the game.
James first and only game of the year.

Amandas Shower

Amanda is having her baby in November and Jenny and I went to her baby shower. It's exciting to see a first mom right before she is going to have a baby. Everything is so new and you can't describe the amazing experience they will have once their baby arrives. Especially watching their husband fall in love all over again with their beautiful baby. Can't wait to see their baby boy. Congrats Amanda and Mike.

Here is Kristi's third baby girl, Shia Quin Hale.

Jenny has a way with the babies.

Heather, Kristi and I.

Family Pictures with Mikki

My sister-in-law, Mikki took these fabulous pictures on the railroad tracks and old buildings. I love these pictures of my boys. Eventhough I was very pregnant in these pictures, I'm glad I was in some of them. Especially, if Henry is our last baby. Thank you Mikki for taking these beautiful pictures. Here is Mikki's website if you are interested.

Pregnancy Pictures

My good friend Tawnya took some pregnant photos for me with my boys and I love them. They were so much fun to do....eventhough my children were not the most cooperative. Thank you Tawnya for being so patient with my kids and getting such fun pics. Lincoln thought it was so cool that he could see the baby grow as my belly got bigger.

I thought this picture was such a cool idea. I love the big belly.

Lincoln loved to read our baby stories and sing him songs. It was such a sweet family experience to have Lincoln so excited for our new baby.

James was very uninterested in my belly and didn't quite understand what was going on. My poor baby James was going to be growing up really fast once our baby comes. Luckily he loves being such a big boy like his older brother.

This picture was definately FORCED.

The next day was Lincolns birthday. I started to hemorrage and called the doctor that night. He told me to rest and let him know if it gets worst. The next morning was worst and I went into labor and delivery and found out that I had a placenta abruption. They put me on bedrest for three days and then advised me to see my doctor after the weekend. I ended up having labor contractions about 6-10 minutes apart for the next three weeks then they turned into 5 minute apart contractions and then had 3 minute apart contractions that lasted 4-6 minutes long. I then went into the hospital and Henry was born that night. I want to mention that I am very grateful that Henry was healthy and came to us earlier than expected because we were so excited to see him. But I am definately grateful for my spinal block and drugs because those contractions were not fun at all.

So, moral of the due date Oct 29th, my scheduled C-Section date was Oct 21st and I had him on Oct 11th.

My chaotic life with my boys. Oh the joy. I L.O.V.E them so much.