Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garth...Garth... GarthZilla

This is Dale writing this blog post, becuase my wife only updates the blog every 6 months or so. This past weekend, we went to Vegas to see the Garth Brooks show. My brother and real estate team leader surprised us with a team birthday trip. The show was at The Wynn, so that is where we stayed. They have amazing rooms, and the most comfortable beds ever.
The show was unbelievable. Garth is so BAD-A$$!!!!!! He came out in wrinkled jeans, a hoodie, and a baseball cap. That is when I knew it was going to be the best show of my life. He played all sorts of songs that were an inspiration to him in his life, and of course played all the Garth classics. He truly is the best performer ever. He loves the crowd and loves to put on a good show. He is funny, entertaining, and like I said... A BAD-A$$.
We had center stage 4th row tickets. We were literally 15 feet from him the entire show. Garth has always been my favorite, and he stepped his game up this weekend and really cemented himself as my all-time favorite. He is so talented. He could honestly sing anyone else's song better than they can, and he proved that Saturday night. It was an awesome trip. Thanks Bro. It was one that I will never forget.