Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independence Day

Playing with a bubble machine with Easton.
Kennedy, isn't she cute!

They all fight over who holds James.
Taylor is growing up so fast. She has such a fun personality.
Kennedy and Lindoln are filling up the car with a bike pump. ADORABLE!
Madison and Avery with their matching hats.
Pam and sleeping baby James
Jimmy does not mess around. He knows how to put on a show. Too bad I missed it because Lincoln was scared of them.
Mikki and Kennedy
My kids are definately not party animals. One is yawning and the other one is bored.
At the annual Murray parade.
Dale was waiting for Easton and JD's float to start the best part of the parade.....the water fight.

Lincoln held his own. So proud.
Don't you love how kids love to look at the camera.
Bradens baptism was on the 4th. Congrats Braden.

We went to Arahs after all the fun we had earlier and Lincoln finally came around and watched the fireworks with me.
Look at Lincolns scared face. Poor kid. Do you think he will need counseling for this later in life?
Gavin and Arah
Sheri and my sleeping James. He slept thru the whole fireworks show.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Concert

Okay, this blogspot is really old. I had the pics loaded and haven't been a very good blogger lately, so here it is.

Dale won tickets to the Kelly Clarkson concert at UVU from one of his many outings to the golf course this summer. Luckily, he hates concerts because then I was able to take some fun girls (that would dance and sing) along with me. We not only witnessed Kelly's amazing voice but a double rainbow over her stage. Which, by the way was amazing. Thank you ladies and young ladies for coming with me. We will have to do it again.

Shayee, Madison and I dry underneath the metal awning, while watching everyone that was close get wet from the rainstorm. Seriously! They are adorable. Mikki and MadisonShaylee and Sabrina Here is the double rainbow. I couldn't get far back enough to get it in one shot, but below is the other side. So, just imagine it. The whole clan!I need a little girl.....someday!