Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome Sweet Baby James

We went in to have our baby early in the morning and when I was ready to walk into the operating room, I stood up and yes to my surprise my water broke. Well, I have to say I have a great doctor that knows when my baby is coming.
Dale and I waiting in the recovery room before having our little baby boy. All we did was talk about baby names. . . . .I know a little last minute. Our choices were Hudson Woods Rex or James Anthony Rex. When we met him we knew he was James Hudson Rex. My sweet baby James.
I wanted Lincoln to be there to hold him. He was in love at first sight. He loves being a big brother.
I love pictures like this. Just moments of my real life. It's simply great.

We were having a hard time because it was my birthday and Lincoln got sick with the cold and had to wait till he didn't have a fever anymore to come and visit. I hated not having him with us.
I love this picture of Lincoln kissing him. We were still nervous having him around our little newborn, since he was sick. But how can you keep them apart.
I love Lincolns face in this pic.
Bringing James home. We went home on Sunday and he was so peaceful. Since he has been born he sleeps at about 9:30, 10pm and wakes up at 1 am and 5 am and sleeps til 9:30am. I absolute love his sleeping habits, it's definitely do-able. Last night he slept thru to 4 am and woke up at 8 am.
When we went to the hospital on Thursday it was snowing and when we went home on Sunday it was a big blizzard. I thought I was having a spring baby but the snow will not stop.
When we got home Lincoln, my parents and Amanda were waiting for us.
I love Dales truly happy smile. It is sweet.
Lincoln loves my hospital doctor mug. . . which is what he calls it.
Thank you to all of our visitors and our gifts. Also, thank you for our sweet comments we have received. We absolutely love our new addition. It's funny because when I am pregnant I am done having any more children, but as soon as I see how amazing they are I can have lots of them. . . . maybe five. Maybe.

Misc Fun in March

For the March birthdays we went to have dinner at Matt and Sabrina's house to have FHE. It was fun to have all the kids play together and talk with the adults since I have been quarantined to my house.
Pam made quilts for our new little baby. They were so cute. Thank you everyone for my gifts.
Lincoln put his glasses on all by himself because he hates the sun in his eyes. Notice how they are upside down. He is so cool.
We decided to try to fly a kite since we are so sick of being in the house. I sat and watched them not get the kite up since there was no wind. We pulled out the bikes and chalk and enjoyed the nice weather. It was really fun to hang outside and relax.

Lincoln is now two and I finally took him to the dentist. He did so good and loved the toothbrush and toys they gave him. They did a flouride treatment and checked for cavities....which there were NONE. Yipee.

I try to have craft time everyday to keep the little man busy and thinking. We made my sister Amanda a noodle necklace for her birthday. He is so sweet to think of him.

Dale got a Wii for Valentines and Lincoln earned Mario Kart for sleeping in his bed for two weeks straight. This is what we do every night before we go to bed.