Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have been waiting for moments like this my whole life

At dinner the other night, Dale and I were discussing who was going to say the pray. We take turns and both of us were saying that it was each others turn. After a while Lincoln folds his arms and starts saying Heavenly Father and then repeats the words that I am telling him. Like bless the food and we are grateful. Tears just start falling down my face. There are moments in life when your heart literally melts inside you, this is difinately one of them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are you PREGNANT ....or just getting FAT?

I have been feeling so fat lately. I started Jetblue in April and noticed the pounds climbing in July. What the heck!!!! I know I am sitting working but 7 lbs in several weeks. I usually can eat better one day and exercise and I can lose a few pounds. But to gain more than 5, that results in the gym and my body for life cookbook.

Then a few weeks later, I am starting to feel sick. . . . but I think it is just heat exhaustion. We went camping the first week of July, then to Chicago the next week and last we went to Vegas for the week. So, I assumed I was just HOT. When we came home I still was feeling yucky. Not my self and when I bent over my stomach would bulge over my pants. YUCK! This is a sad moment for a woman who doesn't think she is pregnant. Or let me rephrase that, that I have taken 5 pregnancy test since we started trying in June. I know a little obsessive but Dale is not always ready when I am ready. So, once Dale is finally ready to have a baby, I am ready to have the baby already in my arms. I have been plenty patient since December.

Well, a week later I am late! Could it be. . . .

I took a couple test and yes I am pregnant....Yippeeeeee!
Lincoln was adorable about my baby in my belly. But I don't think he truly understands because he says there is a baby in his belly too. Dale is happy and excited. It makes the world of difference when he is ready and excited.
The only problem is I am experiencing true nausea ( I did not have this with Lincoln), headaches daily and have seen the inside of the toilet a few too many. What is this?!? I was just an emotional roller coaster with Lincoln no sickness, unless I ate anything garlic then the toilet it was. I hate all food with this pregnancy!!! Everything disgust me. If I crave anything I want Mexican food and then that doesn't make anything better.....actually slightly worse. Hopefully this will all end in a few weeks. I am due March 29th and am 11 weeks. I will keep everyone updated on what the baby is in a couple of months. I want a girl eventually, but two boys would be fun.

Easter....I know it's really late.....

Lincoln and I went to the Easter egg hunt in Riverton early Saturday morning. It was really, really cold. We missed the Draper hunt and went to another one that was less crowded. It was really fun because they divided the Easter egg hunt by age and told the parents they weren't allowed to help.

I had an extra pair of socks in his bag that we used to gloves. It was so COLD.

The Easter bunny came and visited us at Aunt Jennys house. Lincoln was terrified.

When the bunny was at our house, Lincoln hid around the table screaming. It was so sad.

We had to get a picture.

On Easter, We gave Lincoln his Easter basket and he loved his toys in his basket.

Lincoln loves throwing the ball in his football man.

We went to my moms house for family fun. He got a lawn mower.

My aunt and grandma got him so many cute toys. Thank you everyone for making our Easter so happy.

Easter Egg Hunt

Aunty Mandy

Lincoln loves his carrot bat and ball.

Bogey our new PUP!

We got a new puppy in May. When Chopper left our family it was so lonely. I realized I have never not had a dog my whole life. They become such amazing friends to you that you consider them apart of the family. I have needing a new pup in our home and felt I was ready for a puppy. An opportunity came up and a friend gave us a great deal on 10 week old white boxer puppy. He is so cute and sweet. He is more cuddly than I prefer but I know it's because he is scared and misses his mommy and needs my love and care. He is so sweet with Lincoln. You can tell the are friends. We didn't have a name for a while and just called him Puppy. Lincoln suggested we name him Cookie Monster. I don't think he would appreciate us naming our family dog that when he gets older. So, we didn't name him that for Linc's own good. Dale is in love with golf and said lets name him "Bogey" after the golf term.
I forgot how much work a puppy is. But we have an unfinished basement and kept him down there at night. He is a barker. The first night he cried and whined the whole night. It was sad that Dale and I put pillows over the vents and over our heads and hoped that this was just a phase.

He now is great at barking at the approriate times only and is getting so big. He is so smart and obedient. He listens to Dale and tries to listen to me. I don't have a very authoritative voice but I am working on that. He lays on his bed when he is inside. We do have to remind him over and over again to lay there but he lays there. . . .that is a start. Lincoln loves giving him treats and feeds Bogey as one of his chores. He loves to be helpful. Lincoln tells people that he feeds Bogey. He is so proud of himself. I am so proud of him too.

BYU vs Utah Basketball Game

Here we are at the BYU basketball game. Lincoln loves all sports and enjoys going to sporting events. It was a lot of fun to watch the BYU Utah game too. BYU did win. Go cougars. Treats always come along.
Lincoln and Mommy having a great time in the student section sitting because he wouldn't go to his dad and wanted me to hold him.
Family Photo!!!

Las Vegas for Dales Work

Dale had a seminar in Las Vegas in July and we decided to make it a vacation. We stayed at my cousins house and had a lot of fun with them and there little girl that is a month younger than Lincoln. They play so well together.

We went to my Aunt Shanna's to swim at her pool. Lincoln wanted to put on the life vest and swim with it on. He did it all by himself.

Lauren was so sweet to the kids and jumped right in the pool as soon as she got home from school.

Moana and Tahaini

My Aunt and Uncle took us out to dinner to a really good Japanese restaurant that night. It was fun swimming all day and finally enjoying the heat.

We had to drive home since the flights were full.


We went to Chicago for Dales Grandpa McArdles funeral. He was such a sweet man. I only saw them a few times over the holidays and our wedding but they always talked to me about Hawaii. They sent cute cards about Hawaii. It was a really nice funeral and I am glad we ended up making it. I love Chicago and his Grandparents neighborhood. It has such cute character. I am a big fan of old classic homes with a lot of trees. It was nice to go to his Grandparents house and hear stories of there Grandpa and about Pam.

On the way to Chicago

While the boys were at the baseball game, the girls went to the

pier and to lunch, shopping included.

Playing in the water feature.

Avery is such a poser.

Amy and I staying dry.

The kids and I playing in Dales Grandparents backyard. I love the cozy Chicago neighborhood.

The squirrel staring straight at the camera.

Baby Blue is the new color.

I was stuck sitting with the little rugrats. They were quite cute.

We stayed at the Marriot about 10 minutes away from her house and we went swimming in the pool. Which was really fun. I was freezing so I stayed in the hot tub.
Lincoln loves to swim. We went to a museum in Chicago and Lincoln loved the dinosaurs.
He is at the not wanting to share stage. He was getting mad at Carson or anyone that would push the buttons of the displays.

Carson was throwing a tantrum behind a sign.
They were on a dinosaur display. . . it was allowed, I promise.

We went to a pizza place. Sorry Chicago, New York pizza is better.

Lincoln fell asleep on Dale on the way there and back.