Saturday, May 16, 2009

If you are good.....we can go to the park!

I always said I would never bribe my kids like some parents do....that is before I had kids. I learned a valuable thing once I became a parent. Don't judge PARENTS. It's hard work. Lincoln started this terrible 2 thing. Where he constantly test me, and I do mean constantly. Like hitting, punching, spitting, talking back, etc, etc. I know, can you believe it my little Lincoln acting like that. We tried time out in the corner, putting things on timeout, yelling, talking, and the one thing that usually works is bribing. Like if you are good we can go to the park. I came up with a new way to call it. To basically camouflage the fact that my son owns me. It's called the reward program. So, below is the results of the reward of my son listening to me. YIPPEE!
Lincoln and I love to swing. He things the underdog, which I did in this picture, is the funniest thing ever. I would love to have a swing set in my backyard. Even if it takes up the whole back yard. My husband has a different idea...a golf hole.

He conquered this little ladder thing and at the top did a Rocky victory dance.
Lincoln constantly begs to hold James. When he does I try to let my paranoia get the best of me.
I love this cute little outfit on him. He is getting so chunky, I love it.
Gotta love my tough guys.
Lincoln begs to go to the baseball park to play in his paseball game. Ever since Dale hit a homerun at his softball game, Lincoln has been talking about hitting it over the fence like his daddy. He calls him up when he is at work and says "Good job daddy for hitting it over the fence, thumbs up." It is all he talks about. He even told my dad and mom.
Nice swing, Dude.
James loves to be outside. I just lay him in the shade on some blankets and he is as happy as can be.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rock-A-Bye Baby...

I think a sleeping baby is one of the most treasured things in a mothers life. But why is it when they are sleeping you miss them? Is it because they are so adorable when they are sleeping. I have to say I miss them but not enough to not enjoy the times of my sleeping babies. Am I alone in this theory?

The Farm

We went to the farm with Jenny and Taylor. It was so much fun to watch the kids play together. I am glad they live close to us and we get to have our Taylor fix whenever we call. It's also, nice to have them close because they are so sweet to our family and take care of us whenever we need them. I don't know what we would do without them. Thank you Jenny, Brett and Taylor for everything. Hope we can do more fun things together this summer.

Happy Birthday Dale!!!

For Dale's 29th birthday we went to Bombay House for dinner with the Atwoods. It was nice to get out for a couple of hours and celebrate Dales special day. I am so happy to be able to share my life with Dale and am excited for the many birthdays to come. For the big 3 0 we are going to celebrate it in Scotland and Ireland and golf everyday where it all began. I love you honey. Happy Birthday!
After dinner, we went home to sing Happy Birthday and eat Dales favorite Lemon cake.
My mom made Dale a Coconut Lemon Cake for his birthday. Since we didn't want their smoke alarm to go off because of all those candles, we only put what candles we had left. It was a yummy cake. Thank you Mom.Lincoln was excited to help blow out the candles. That is one of his favorite things about birthdays.

Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Easter

Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for being such a great father to me and an even more amazing Papa to my babies. They adore you. I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays to come. We love you so much and always will!!! We went to my parents house for Easter since it was also my Dads birthday. My boys are really spoiled over at Grandma and Papas house.

My parents got Lincoln another hot wheels set and cars....and of course his favorite Tom and Jerry.

They also, got him Noahs Ark Animal eggs with yummy candy in it.

James got a swim suit and shirt. It is so cute.

My Mom probably has about 750 eggs that she hides in her house every year but this year we did a little more than half of them. It still filled up a freezer sized Ziploc bag. She always knows how to have fun.

The Easter bunny brought James a light up toy, Surfs Up the movie, a baseball glove, and pajamas.

The Easter bunny brought Lincoln his favorite show Tom and Jerry, TMNT movie, Pro-Doodle, a baseball glove, and Ants in your Pants game. He also did a Easter Egg hunt and hid candy and monies in it.

Jenny and Brett are the Activity Directors for our ward and did a really fun Easter Egg Hunt. Lincoln got a golden egg and won a Basketball hoop. He was so excited for the candy and toy.

James slept peacefully in the car.

Here are a few of my favorite things....

Lincoln is such a happy little bugger. He has his moments when he is ornery but we just have to ask if he's happy and he'll say in his ornery voice, "I'm happy!!!"

Lincoln loves to help with the baby. Sometimes he helps by shoving the Binky or the bottle to far in babies mouth or rocks him to hard in his swing. But he loves to get blankets and diapers for me. While I am feeding he loves to help...but loves to cause trouble since I am bound to James.

I love baby feet.....PRECIOUS!

Linc is such a funny little man. The other day I was on the phone and he said there is a spider down your back. This is when I started to scream and yell and dance around. Then I look at my little Lincoln and he is laughing saying I put a spider down your shirt and then adds HA HA! Typical Lincoln. Next is the chase around the house, followed by a tickle torture.

Baby James loves to move is arms around. He is not a cuddlier. When he was in my belly and anyone would put their hand on my belly, he would kick or push and then move far away from that spot. Now that James is born he doesn't like to be rubbed on the back or tickled. He definitely doesn't like when you hold his hands or feet. If you do any of those things he does this deep man voice grunt and gives you a dirty look. It is quite hilarious.

Lincoln loves his brother very much. When James starts crying he's the first to tell me and he starts singing to him "You are my Sunshine"

Since James has been born, he's only woken up once or twice a night. His night is usually going to bed at 9:30pm waking up at 4:30am to eat and change of diaper and then wakes up again at 7:30am. I know I am very lucky for this and he is gaining weight a little ahead of schedule. I am in love with my newborn baby.

Lincoln was outside in the backyard with Dale and Bogey playing golf and baseball. Bogey and Lincoln were playing and Lincoln fell on the grass, Bogey jumped on him and then gave him a scratch and a little bruise. They are still buddies!

James loves to smile while he sleeps. I always imagine their little minds dreaming about the life they once lived in and about sweet little angels that watch over them OR he is just having gas. All I know is he smiles a lot. At 3 weeks he smiled right at me while I was talking to him. It's so sweet. Now he smiles at you all the time.

We have a "Mini Arms Reach Co-Sleeper" that attaches to our bed for our new born baby. I couldn't find Lincoln and when I was calling him I could here him answer. Finally I found him in the storage part of the modern day bassinet. Lincoln loves to play hide and seek, but sometimes it scares me because he hides in the weirdest places.

Lincoln loves to hold his little brother James. I love the boppy for this reason. It makes him feel so big and it's easy for him to give him kisses. They are so adorable together.

When Lincoln is tired in the car he tells me he is going to sleep. But he absolutely hates the sun in his eyes. So, after it was quiet for a bit (because if you know Lincoln he talks A LOT!) I looked back and he had put his beanie down on his eyes. Later when Dale ran in to take the baby to get shots for his jaundice test and we were waiting in the car, Lincoln was waking up and I started talking to him and he says, "Mom, Can you be quiet? I am going to sleep now." It's so funny when you are told by a 2 year old to be quiet. Gotta love him.