Tuesday, June 9, 2009

James Blessing

I love that James has come into my life at this moment. I love that he binds my eternal family closer and stronger together. I love that James was given to Dale and I as a special gift that we will always treasure. Life is great.
(Below is his birth announcement; thanks to Suzanne and Tawnya...I love it)
Our little James is full of so much love. The second he sees your face or hears your voice he flashes the biggest smile that lights his whole face. I love this little man more every day I get to know him. Dale and I hope he never loses the affectionate personality that he has on others. He has this way of making you fall in love with him. I don't know if it's his beautiful big brown eyes or his perfection in his little baby face. All I know is he's my sweet baby James. I always tease Lincoln and say, "I am going to eat your faces." Linc replys back and says, "No Mommy we are special you can't." It's so amazing how much love you have for your children. I love how they love each other. I imagine life when they are older all the time. I am so grateful that they have each other in this journey of life. They look so handsome in their suits.
James Hudson Rex was blessed on June 7th at the Pointe Meadows Ward. It was a beautiful blessing that was meant for my sweet baby James. It was very personable to what Heavenly Father would want for him. I love my babies and am so grateful for my family and friends. I never knew life would be this great, I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Tomita Family and my Grandma Love
Matt and the kiddies (Sabrina was there but had to teach a class)
JD and Amy with the clan
Brett, Jenny and Taylor
Uncle Jimmy
Sheri, Josh, Tori and Nikki
The Robisons
Liz and Jonah (we missed you James and London)
The Chapmans
He pulls the funniest faces. Including plenty of dirty looks.
The Grandchildren on the Rex side
Grandma Pam
Arah, Steve and Gavin
Matt, Mikki, Kennedy, Madison and their Eternal brothers Linc and James.
Aunty Melinda and sleeping James. Do you see the drool? I wonder where he gets that from.
I now know how Heavenly Father loves all his children the same. I realized that He makes all of us feel like He loves us the most. If I can atleast give that piece to my children, to have them feel how much love I truly have for them, than I will be a happy Mother forever.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Girls Trip

We had to wake up bright and early to go on our flight to California for our girls trip. It was mixed emotions of excitement, sadness, happiness and a little bit of anxiety. All because I was leaving my babies. They were in good hands but not my hands. It was well needed since I had a pretty rough last few months of my pregnancy and wanted to lay by the pool and soak in a good book. Doesn't that sound breathtaking. I know....we were excited. The only problem was their was maybe 2 hours total of sun.
But when we got there, it was in the sixties with absolutely no sunshine. So, we walked out to the pier took a picture and walked back.
Before the pier we had a few big belly laughs at Amy's attempt to parallel park. We laughed at her because we couldn't believe she was even trying. None of us would have even attempted it. We are from the land of suburbia and we never have to parallel park. The funniest part about it all, was the fact that we stayed at the beach for about 20 minutes, then realized it was to cold.
Next was indoor pedicures for Amy and I while Arah got her beauty sleep, and Sheri looked around at the cute shops. During the pedicures Amy and I fell asleep during the massage. Hopefully, we weren't snoring to loud.We truly appreciated the yummy candy and fruited water at the end of the elevator ride. Here is Amy's name on the Gold client list displayed. They are true believers of the Marriott hotels like I am. If you haven't slept in a Marriott bed I highly suggest it.
A good girls trip equals yummy food. Which we did not go without. I am somewhat ashamed of the calories we partook. But here it is:

Airport Breakfast at Burger King
Treats from Jetblue.
Lunch at PF Changs
Treats from Target
Dinner at California Pizza
Unfortunately, that's just day one.
The weather report stated that the whole weekend would be filled with clouds and no sunshine. So, we decided we would not let that ruin our trip. We contemplated going to a spa, but when Disneyland was mentioned our giddy eyes lit up and we knew what we would do for the next day. Here is our arrival to California Adventure in Disneyland. We couldn't be happier. (Okay maybe a tropical island would've been better, but it was pretty magical.) No whining, no carrying heavy toddlers through long lines, no strollers, no diaper bags, no diapers, etc etc. It was so much fun. We did see a lot of adorable kids everywhere which made us miss the little ones, but the fact that we were able to ride all the grown up rides was pretty darn fabulous. The first ride was Monsters Inc. It was such a cute ride.
I know we are Nerds. But that is the joy of being with our girlfriends.
Peer Pressure....it gets the best of us. This is the awful, horrible, never will I ever do it again Tower of Terror. The only reason why I said yes is because I didn't want my nieces and nephews making fun of me because I was to scared. I hate rides that shoot you straight up and down continuously. Not fun. The picture at the end was pretty funny. I wish I would've taken a picture of it. Arah and I are looking at each other like what are we doing, Sheri's hiding her face and Amy is laughing at us. Here we are talking to Crush...the turtle from Finding Nemo.

We went on the roller coaster, and Arah and Amy hate roller coasters more than the Tower of Terror. I just don't understand that.
At the end of the day we were waiting in line for the Soarin' ride. This is my favorite ride at Disneyland.

Toy Story was so much fun. Unfortunately Amy beat me at the game. I love that they were sitting under a large piece of crap.
A Bugs Life was really funny. Amy, Sheri and I have been on this one and knew about the bees. It was so fun to see Arahs face at the end. Sheri and I went on the swings, while Arah and Amy went on a dumb ride that shoots you up and down. We had so much fun at Disneyland. I love that Walt Disney loves details. Disneyland is the cleanest park, with beautiful trimmed trees, sweet workers, and of course MAGIC.

It's funny that Sheri is using the shorter drinking fountain. I think those are made for small children, and Amy and I. We were starving and said that we will go to the first place that we see. This is it. Can you believe we risk our health and ate there.
We went to a Marriott hotel in California on a girls trip and stayed at a Golf Course hotel. Isn't that ironic.

We were playing a game of dominoes and this is what they are doing. Am I not fun enough for them?

We were waiting for a plane to arrive to leave our Girls Trip with mix emotions. Missing our babies and husband but wanting to stay and relax.

This is what I got my babies from Disneyland.