Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boating on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we fought the overcast and ventured out to the lake on the dewinterized boat. It was warm when the boat was stopped but when the water hit you while we were going it was quite chilly. The kids went on the tube and Dale and Sabrina went swimming in their wet suits. It was a really fun day at the lake and we can't wait for the weather to be a little more consistant so we can go more often. Family Boating Pic
James loves boating.....note to self....always go boating during nap time.
He loves his daddy. Very much a daddys boy.
Lincoln loves to go boating. His favorite thing to do is get on the tube and put his thumbs up to signal to go faster.
On cloud nine after tubing.

Thanks Sabrina for taking Lincoln tubing for an hour. He didn't want to get off. He loved it so much.
Uncle Jimmy took our children on an adventure on the tube, freaking me out. They stood up, Lincoln laid down (bad idea because he bit his tongue), tney also tried to make a pyramid.
He is their favorite Uncle that's for sure.

James is so funny. Look at his fake, hurry up and take the picture mom smile.
My sweet boys

Hanging out with Family

On Saturday, we had a BBQ with Jenny and Brett and JD and Amy at their wonderful circle neighborhood which Jenny and I are very jealaous of. Our kids were able to play on the street riding their bikes without worrying about them . We also had the kids practice their T-ball for the game in a week. They were so cute. I can't wait for their first game. It's going to be a fun one. When it got dark we went inside and played a game of apples to apples. Which everyone found out how highly intellegent I am. I have mad skills everyone beware. J/K
My intense son playing baseball which he is very passionate about.
James was walking around trying to keep up with the little kids and face planted his nose to the cement. Poor guy, he just got rid a scab on his nose the day before.
I love our little mother Avery for being our eyes for us so we could play. She is such a sweet girl.
We were sitting on the porch swing watching the kids play baseball. It was quite relaxing. Thanks J and Amy for letting us come over. I promise I'll bring my A game to apples to apples next time.

Gardens and the Farm with Lisa

Lisa is having her baby in a week and wanting to take Taylor to the gardens and farm before she has another child. We decided to tag along and enjoy the nice beautiful weather. Me and the boys
Lisa and Taylor
They have a music area and they were having a lot of fun playing their jam.
Lincoln was teaching James how to play a song. James likes to toot to his own horn so they were playing two different songs Linc said. Brothers can't live with them can't live without them.

James fell asleep on our way to lunch. I guess the sun was getting to him.
Our children share a common interest that they talk about a lot. . . . . feeding the GOATS!
These are baby goats that just were born a couple days ago. They were so precious.
Linc has come along way feeding the goats from the palm of his hands. I'm so proud of him.
James liked yelling and bossing all the goats around.
Taylor loves farm animals. Her favorite show is Barnyard Animals.

This is a face of a child who just got splashed in the face from the water fountain at the duck pond from a gust of wind.

1st T-ball Practice

We put Lincoln into T-ball at Murray with his cousins Carson and Halle. It was so much fun watching them play ball together for their first practice. Linc loves baseball. Everyday he calls Dale at work wondering if he could come home to play baseball with him.
Dale is the head coach and JD is helping him including any parent who wants to participate and help. At the end of practice Dale sat them down to talk about the rules of T-ball. When Dale was asking them questions they would all yell out different answers and Dale couldn't hear what they had to say, so he told them to raise their hand if they had something to say. Well, every child raised their hands. It was so funny and so sweet.

I have been looking for you for months...


Jetblue was doing a Boondocks special the week before Memorial Day Weekend and we decided to take advantage of it and take the kids. Whenever we pass Boondocks from the freeway Lincoln says it's his favorite and he loves Boondocks. I don't know if that's a hint but it usually works. We went mini golfing and at the end of one of the courses there is a lizard dragon that blows fire if you get a hole in one. Lincoln is really scared of it and is hiding in the bushes.
After we took the kids mini golfing, Dale and Lincoln did the water boats. It wasn't the warmest day but Lincoln thought it was great to squirt people.
James used a hockey stick to mini golf. He was so hilarious and kept swinging it at everything.
James is not very cuddly, but I force hugs and kisses all the time. That's what mothers do.
Lincoln was scared to ride on the go karts at first but we told him it's just like Mario Kart Wii. e was so excited to go on them after that.
James and prego self waiting on the side and watching them have lots of fun without us.
They picked the #1 car. So typical.
He loved every bit of it.
James doesn't know he is not even playing a real game. But this is where I go while Dale and Linc play games. Look at that smile, how can you resist that.
Lincoln is pretty good at the driving games. It gives me hope for the future. Except for the race car driving part.

Preschool Graduation

My big boy Lincoln has past his 2nd year of preschool, 2 more years to go til kindergarten. I know that is a lot of preschool but if you know my busy bee Lincoln he is all for some extra projects, knowledge and entertainment with some fellow co-preschoolers. Lincoln loves to accomplish his goals and is always up for challenges. He amazes me everyday. I am so impressed with his growth as a young little boy and his desire to learn new things. I love this little man. Dale and I will always be proud of him. Lincolns FANS
I taught Lincoln the Pledge of Allegiance last year and everytime he saw the flag he proudly said the pledge with honor. Mrs. Marie taught the class as well but was impressed because Lincoln new the pledge all by himself before anyone else. He was very excited to be holding the USA flag for his class during Graduation. I love that I can talk to him and explain how lucky we are to be living in a free country.
Mrs. Marie is telling everyone all of Lincolns' favorite things. His favorite food mom cooks is Chicken Enchiladas. His favorite colors are black and yellow. His favorite things to do is play sports and to be atheletic (which he reminds me daily that I am not). And many, many more.
My little Graduate
Mrs. Marie and Lincoln
We have really enjoyed watching his growth over this past year from what Mrs. Marie has taught him. Thank you Marie.