Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jackson Hole

Our friends invited us to there cabin by Jackson Hole. I was excited because I have never been and heard a lot of great things about the place. It was a lot of fun to have Dale and I time. The funny thing is we forgot c.d.'s and we had to talk the whole way up for 4 hours. I forgot how great it was to have adult conversations about everything with your husband. It was a good getaway and we can't wait to go another trip.

Arah, Me and Shari

This picture is hilarious....the three studs in front of the three studs.
I am so glad we found neighbors that are like my husband.

Do you think they are making fun of us for taking so many pictures??!!
Honestly, it was pitiful we got schooooooled by the Atwoods at Cranium (first timers by the way), "Fools"ball, and pool. We did beat them in darts.
I've seen people under this arch before....had to be a follower.
We just spent combined $75 worth of candy on this trip. RIDICULOUS!!!
This Restaurant was delicious...I forgot the name though. Highly recommend though.
The crew.
Arah made a yummy orange creme thing for our french toast. It was so good.
We started off in the same car on the way home and then when we stopped for lunch we realized how much fun it would be if the girls were in one car and the guys in another. Brilliant. Girl talk was fun and I think the guys had some talk as well (Football!!!)
Thank you, Leders it was a blast. Let's do it again soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Posted, Posted, and more Posted Blog Post

Okay....I have posted all of my post that I have been journaling since June. It's about 20-25 post. So, if you would love to catch up on our lives please feel free to spend the day on our blog. Enjoy!!!

My cleaned up boys

Here are the loves of my life. I can't stand how good looking they are. I am very blessed!

Monday, October 20, 2008


We went to Cornbelly's last week with our neighbor friends. It was really fun for little kids and to watch them run around and do things on there own.

Linc really liked the water pump and loved having the duck go down the tube.
Here is a motorcycle swing made out of a tire. Lincoln was loving the swing and making "Vroom, Vroom noises while I pushed him on it.

He loves pumpkins.
Gavin and Lincoln posing in front of the cornbellys entrance.

They are so cute together. It's so good that they get along so well.

Lincoln rocking on the chair on the front porch.
Nikki and Lincoln.
Shopping at the farmers market.
Making choooo chooo noises and trying to scare me away from the train.
Peek a boo Mom.

Tori and Gavin.
I can't believe he went down this slide and didn't pinch hs fingers. He loved it.

Here we are on this little train, being pulled by a tractor.
Nicole and Oliver.
Just hanging out on the front porch.

The biggest rocking chair I have ever seen. Lincoln looks like a tiny doll on this big chair.
Here is the David Archuleta corn maze that we went through.
The kiddies.
Lincoln loved rocking on this horse, donkey animal thing.
Here is Nikki on the donkey. She is so cute.

Gardener Village

We went to Gardner Village for the Witches displays. It was really fun to watch the kids see the different witches. Even though Lincoln was scared of pretty much all of them. Which made Gavin scared of standing by them. After the crowded Gardner Village we went to Training Table and we stuck the kids in one booth and adults in another. Ofcourse, that was a fun disaster. The had fun though.
Lincoln loves to count. The second he saw the pumpkins he started counting them. I think he is a little on the analytical side. He is so smart, I don't know what to do with him.

This is as close as Lincoln would go to the witch. Gavin saw that and then was scared of the other witches. Look at Gavins cute face in this picture. They get a long so well.
This was a cute wagon that we waited in a line to take there picture on.

They are such cute buddies.
Arah and Gavin. Gavin was scared to stand in front of this shed, until I opened it and showed him the utility closet.
Lincoln and Mommy. He is such a good little cheeser.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!!!

We were at Fetal Fotos sitting in the waiting room, wondering if we would have a little pink in our lives. To tell you the truth, I have a been dreaming up my baby girls nursery since before Lincoln was even born. I truly would love 3 boys and then a girl but to have the suspense of waiting for my girl over the years will be a little hard. We went into the nice cozy room at Fetal Fotos and waited for the verdict. She was trying to get the profile of the babies face and cute little fingers and toes. And then we saw that it was a................... BOY!!!! Dale and Linc give each other high fives and say yes. I get a little teary eyed and realize that I am very outnumbered. We are really excited for another boy. This is the way I see my future......I get bunk beds for my boys room....sword fights with each other, instead of with his mommy......more toys flying and balls at my head.....even dirtier toilets and of course sweet mama's boy love. I can't wait. Lincoln will be so good to him. He tells me that he has a baby in his belly too. Adorable! Can't wait.