Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines "Love" Day

My Valentines Presents
For Valentines Day, Dale and Lincoln got me Tulips (one of my favorites) and the cutest little creative gift I have ever seen. When Dale and I were dating he gave me a picture of Christ hand after He was resurrected giving the "I love you" sign. Well, my romantic husband gave me the "I love you" sign from him and Lincoln. He said that it took him 20 minutes to teach Lincoln how to do the sign. I love his little pudgy toddler hands. They are simply adorable. I also got a pregnancy massage. Yipeeee! Thank you Dale and Lincoln. I love you so much.
We hung it up in my bathroom so I can see it everyday when getting ready.
Lincoln and Dale's Valentines Present

We woke up around 8am and I gave Lincoln and Dale their Valentines card. Dales had a gift card stuff to get a Wii and Lincoln had a first clue to a Scavenger hunt.
Clue #1 You ride your cars on it downstairs.
He got a hot wheels car.

Clue #2 Where we eat together as a FAMILY!
He got paint, paint brushes, paper and finger paints.

Clue #3 Go where you keep your Choooo Chooooo's
( I had a blurry Picture of this. I think my cameras broken)

Clue #4 Go to your "House"

Clue #5 Go to where Mom and Dad pray and read you your books.
He got a How to Read learning book.

We Love You more than all the stars in the sky. Happy Valentines Day Lincoln.
Here is all of his clues stuck to him and his presents. What a "loved" child.

Dale was wondering where his paint was because he was getting mad that Lincoln was mixing the colors. He was painting a Winnie the Pooh picture too.

Valentines Activity
After presents we went to IHOP for breakfast and came home and took a nap. Dale planned a fun night in the mountains. With tin foil dinners, roasted marsh mellows, smores, movie in the car with a comfy bed setup, treats, sparkling cider and my two boys in my life. What more can a girl ask for!
Lincoln and Dale roasting marsh mellows.

Lincoln and Mommy. It was so cold.
In the car eating some chips and marsh mellows.

Lincoln is calling Grandma to tell her we are in the mountains eating marsh mellows.
At the end of the day, I love celebrating loving Lincoln and Dale.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disneyland with Daddy

Here are the pics Dale took on his cell phone. Lincoln had the greatest time. He has been asking all day when they are going to go to Disneyland again.

I love this smile. On the Nemo submarine.

The sword and the stone.
Mickeys house!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E......."

Dale and Lincoln will be going to the fabulous place called Disneyland this week. I am so jealous but very excited for them to have the time of their lives. Lincoln has been talking about Disneyland for awhile now and Dale and I have been wanting to take him before the baby comes. But since I wasn't feeling very good and the contractions came on a little early...and I only have 6 1/4 of weeks was not advisable. Here is a few exciting stories of my little man showing what true excitement Disneyland brings.

#1- Lincoln and I pull up to a newer Maverick that has the paintings on the wall and Lincoln yells out "DISNEYLAND! Look mom there's Wall-E and Peter Pan." The paintings were of the outdoors and camping backdrops. When we saw Ikea he says "It's the Mickey Mouse Club House, Mom." I love childrens imaginations.

#2- We were driving at night and Lincoln saw a couple of airplanes and said there is Wall-E and Eva they are playing in the sky.

#3- Last but not least (drum roll please), Dale says, "Lincoln if you fall asleep, Daddy will wake you up and then we'll go to disneyland. " So, Lincoln climbs in bed and fake sleeps then says, "Wake me up, Daddy lets go to disneyland." Well later that night they called me at work and Dale tells me the story, so I talk to Lincoln and ask him what happen and he said, "Daddy lied to me." Is that not adorable or what. Dale explained to him again and hopefully Lincoln is sleeping or Dale is in for a treat tomorrow.

Dale and Lincoln, I love you very much and want to show you how much I love you by sending you to Disneyland. Happy Valentines Day!!!

(Pictures to come!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lincoln quote of the week

"I can't help it, I just onry!" Lincoln says to me. Seriously, I wonder where he gets it from.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on Pregnancy

I am now counting down my pregnancy for my little man to come. 7 weeks!!! Here is a huge belly picture of me. Luckily babies are adorable and I can tolerate looking like this for them. I can't wait to see and kiss his little face. I can't wait for Lincoln to see his little brother and I definately can't wait to see my husbands smile when he sees our little guy. It is the best smile I have ever seen and it makes me fall in love with him all over again.


We were watching the Miss. America pageant and Miss. Hawaii was doing a Tahitian dance and Lincoln got up and started shaking his little hips. He was making us rewind it to see the pretty girl. HILARIOUS!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We went to the Lund residence for a Superbowl party. It was so fun to hang out eventhough it was for football. We ate yummy finger food and watched the game in their theater room. After the game we played Rock band and enjoyed everyones company. It was a lot of fun.

Bowling with my baby

Lincoln went bowling for the first time. Yippeee! He has been talking about it for weeks. It was so fun to see him dance around and play. He did pretty good.....with the help of bumpers and a rolling thing.

My baby makes bowling shoes look good.
Dale beat us, but I call a rematch after I am not 8 months pregnant.

Moms Birthday

My Mom just had a birthday on January 31st. I made her Honey Lime Enchiladas and we had icecream cake. It was fun to hang out and eat all night. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ryans Birthday

My brother has just turned 22 yrs old and is loving life. He is figuring out who he is and where he wants to go in life. What a fun age. I love how sweet he is to us and my little baby boy. Happy Birthday Ryan!

My baby is growing up....

Lincoln is almost 2 1/2yrs old and is now in a new room, new bed and has all new big boy toys. I can't believe my baby is growing up. It's such a bitter sweet feeling. I am happy to watch him grow into an amazing little man but I beg him daily to stop growing big and stay my little baby forever. I want to squeeze him at this little size forever. It scares me to think that he will be getting big enough to stop giving me hugs in public and sweet little whispers that he loves me more.

I have been having such mixed emotions about having another baby coming soon. We will be having a little boy that will be able to play with Lincoln and bring lots of love in our home. But, then there is the emotional roller coaster of my little Lincoln that will have to share Mommy and Daddy, his old crib, car seat, toys, old clothes, etc, etc. I know that he will thank me one day for having a brother for him. All in all we are very excited to have our new addition. Here is some pictures of my little man growing up.

I love the song "Dream Big" When I was pregnant I cried every time I heard this song.
I am going to add a window seat pillow and a bunch of pillows. Do you think I should add curtains?
This is Lincoln sleeping in his new big boy bed.
I come in the room and he has Dales shoes on. I love how cute he is and how he wants to be just like dad.
Lincoln and Carson made a mess on Amy's floor with the automatic water and ice.
He got stickers in the mail and put them everywhere.
Love the bubbles.

Lincoln loves his microphones (headphones, but calls it microphones).