Thursday, August 26, 2010

Date with my Grandma and kiddies

My grandma came to visit us down south from Murray and took us out to Chilis. That is where we found out our children loves RIBS. We got them quesidillas and they ate my grandmas ribs. James and I
Grandma Love and Lincoln. Thanks for lunch Gma.

Climbing Mount Everest...okay just to the Y

One beautiful, hot, sunny day, Dale and I decided to take the boys up to the Y on the mountain.

We started up the hill at around 11:30am....I know crazy.

And by the way I am about 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Lincoln took many breaks in the shade, thank goodness for me.

But the view was amazing.

The people I went with were not so bad either. My boy Lincoln....

and my baby James.

About mile marker one thousand, James and I decided to let Linc and Dale go on the rest of the adventure alone. James found an awesome walking stick.

He was such a maniac on the mountain. I was not letting him near the edge for the fear of him jumping or rolling down.

The family pic right before our descend down the mountain.

Love this picture of my boys.

Here is the map. Linc and Dale went all the way and James and I stopped at Turn 7. I got a lot of mothers telling me I was crazy to do it at all.

I'm so proud of Lincoln and his accomplishment to complete the journey to the Y.

BYU Fall Kickoff

We went to the BYU fall kickoff to buy some shirts and meet some BYU athletes. It was fun to hang out with the family and see my boys excited to play sports....hopefully at BYU someday.

They didn't mind the treats as well.

Day at the Beach in SLC

Amy and I decided to take the kids to the beach. I told her about Blackridge and how much fun we have there. Sand and kids are always a great combination. We told JD we went to the beach for the day. Since, we fly to California on jetBlue we were telling him we flew to Seal beach for the day. I think he just thought we were crazy.

Lincoln getting out of the cold water. Luckily it was hot outside.
Halle was in her element at the beach.

James was running around like a maniac. Thank you, Avery for chasing him.

Avery and I

James is trying to clean the sand off.

Amy and I enjoying our children being entertained by nature.


Linc and Carson building a man-made river.

They had a water fight in the shallow water.

Our 7th Anniversary

Dale and I took our kids to the Blackridge Resevoir for our 7th Anniversary during the day. It's amazing that we want to spend our Anniversary with awesome children. And I'm also 8 months pregnant and can't due very many outdoor activities. We had a lot of fun playing in the sand and swimming in the water.

Lincoln and James buried Dale in the sand. We couldn't get his big toe covered. Lincoln thought that was hilarious.

I laid in the hot sun and enjoyed the weather. While Lincoln destryed the village I made with a moat around it.

We decided to bury James too but he was not a fan.

Lincoln thought it was pretty cool to be buried like his dad. But then wanted out after the picture was taken.

For our Anniversary I got him a massage on the beach.

Isn't he cute.

I love this picture of them eating snacks.

Dale was trying to get the boys cleaned off from the sand that was everywhere.

Here is my village.

Me and the boys.

After the beach we dropped our kids off at my parents house and went to dinner and a movie. It was nice to just hang out with my husband. It's amazing that I love him more everyday. Also, he is getting even hotter every year we are married. I love you Dale Rex!!! Happy 7th Anniversary.

Lincolns Triathlon

We signed Lincoln up for a children's triathlon for kids ages 5-10yrs old. Lincoln was 3 at the time of this triathlon. So, we snuck him in. He has been training with Dale for quite awhile. He was so excited to swim, bike and run like his daddy. Lincoln was first place out of all the 3 year olds. We were so proud of him and his desire to accomplish such a big goal. James watching the swim part of the triathlon while eating his granola bar.

Lincoln getting ready to start the swim.

Isn't he such a handsome little swimmer!

He is stretching with his dad so he doesn't pull a muscle.

Lincoln posing by his bike before the race.

At the end of the race they had a poster made for the kids that ran the race. It was so cute to see Lincoln excited for the poster they made for him.

Lincolns fan James congratulating him on his awesomeness.

I was so proud of our little man. He did so good. I was really impressed.

Dale did the triathlon with him. I am so happy that Dale is such a great example to our boys.

They had a lot of yummy treats at the end of the race and an awesome goody bag.

He felt legit getting a water bottle at the end of the race.