Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heber Valley Camp: Girls Camp!!!

I left for girls camp on Monday with Sister Wagstaff and the YW Presidency, we stopped and got a few snacks before we left. The drive was really fun. Talk was easy and we really all got to know each other a lot better. When we arrived at Heber Valley Camp we were all amazed at how beautiful it was up there. There were trees everywhere and a beautiful lake with new cabins. You couldn't help but get excited to spend the week there.
As soon as we arrived they put us to the schedule. We had flag ceremony right away and the Stake surprised us with our cabin being first to conduct the flag ceremony. We did not know what to expect and what to do but our 1st years took the challenge like champs. After flag cermony the Leaders had a meeting about the Challenge Course. We had lunch, then headed up the mountain and did the Challenge Course.

For Family Home Evening we had the most amazing Guest Speaker. She was an actress on the Testament movie (She played the mom of the main girl in the movie). There are not enough words to describe how amazing she is. She told us her conversion story and then bared her testimony and what a testimony it was. There was not a dry eye in the pavillion. After her talk there was a minor technical difficulty with the laptop. They tried for about an hour and still nothing. We sang songs and then waited. After about a half an hour someone suggested a prayer. We said a prayer and then the DVD miraculously worked. I love girls camp. It is my Testimony strenghthener that is for sure!

The next day was full of fun. We went on the challenge course. Watching the young woman problem solve and work together was such an eye opening experiencing. We don't have to do anything by ourselves. We have each other. They teach me on a daily basis. What wonderful youth we have. They are so smart.

Day three we went to the lake and played in the kayaks. My plan was to not get wet. . . . I did not accomplish this. The young woman see a leader and think that it is hillarious to splash them. So, we said game on. The girls were definetly worse off.

I have not been to girls camp since I was in 7th grade with Stephanie. I wasn't a member, but I remember loving how I felt there and I was really excited to feel the spirit of Heavenly Father and have the truth with me this time around. I am a YW Secretary Leader and I love every moment of it.
Here is my cabin buddies.
Sister Cluff and Sister Edie
"Snipe Hunting" need I say more. And yes, that is toothpaste on there faces if you were wondering.
Emily, Me and Jordan on our hike to the top of the look out.
Our hiking companions.

Rebekah, Sara, and Emily are so much fun to be around. I miss being young and enjoying every fun moment.
Reta, I and Chanel

The Pointe Meadows 1st Camp Leaders
Sister Jones, Sister Syal, Sister Wagstaff and I

I absolutely love this picture of Laura.
All dolled up for the skit.
This is the on time trophey and our cabin was on time. I made a camp attire outfit to help the modest angel be apart of the young woman.
My sweet Beehives.
Rebekah, Jordan, Sara, Emily and I
I love this picture of Sara and Chanel. The are such amazing girls and great examples to me. I love all of them very much.
Jordan, Emily, Rebekah and Reta after eating our dinner. Reta is such an amazing example to these young woman. I want to be more like Reta when I grow up.
Jasmine and Mariah are so beautiful and such sweet girls. I love talking with them and getting to know them. I am excited for there future and to see them become woman.
Yes, this is me doing the swing. I am conquering my fears and looking it right in the eye.

Bees' Game

We were suppose to go to Las Vegas to go to my cousins graduation parties. I was sad that we decided not to go because I wanted to see my family but Dale made it up to me and planned a weekend of fun. We went to the zoo, lagoon the next day, Dales softball game the day after and Bees game that night, and then the next day was Fathers Day. It was such a great family bonding weekend. The best part was we had great luck everywhere. Amy had passes for Linc and I to get into the zoo, Jimmy had Lagoon passes, and this guy walks up to us to hand us some 1st base line tickets on the lower bowl for free. I think it was meant to be, to stay home. I felt like I won a weekend family getaway. It was fantastic. Thank you to all that helped contribute to our getaway.
This was Lincolns second Bees game and it was so fun. He is a very funny little boy when the music comes on. He stands up and starts dancing. Lincoln is fascinated with sports and has Dale and I draw out how to play all sports. For example I have to draw a baseball field, my stick figured players and tell him what each position is. Then draw the ball with arrows on what happens with the ball when the batter hits it. YOU are probably thinking he doesn't know whats going on why tell him such detail. But oh no, he knows if I am missing anything. He makes us do this for basketball and football too. I love how smart and how curious to life he is. I will always enjoy this part of motherhood. Watching his mind focus and learn.


Lagoon was so fun. It was Lincolns first time and he enjoyed the safe rides. As soon as we put him on the kid roller coaster he was frightened. The rest of the rides we had to break him in again. My poor baby cried so hard the next ride that we decided to go on the train. He was even scared of the train until we saw the animals. Then he was chipper as can be.

We then went for a walk toward the carousel and we stopped at the fountains and watched Lincoln contemplate if he wanted to get wet or not. Once we got to the carousel we realized how much we didn't want to go on it. We had a lot of fun. Dale won Lincoln a lamb and Lincoln thought he was the greatest.

We then went to the baseball pitching machine thing.......Dale almost threw his arm up trying to win Lincoln a mini basketball, but he accomplished this in one try. I see a girl in heels throw a ball and get a prize too. So, my big headed self said I can win him a basketball too. It looks easy! Dale, laughs and hands me some money. I then start stretching and loosening my shoulders when I realize I am ready, I wound up and then gave it all I got. I think the little kid before me did better then I did. I sucked. I didn't even win the prize everyone else was winning (a plastic blow up baseball). There are moments when your head is just bigger than reality. I am just not athletic. Sorry, Lincoln I didn't win anything.

When the day was coming to an end we decided to pack up and head home. Before we even got out of the parking lot, Lincoln was out cold. There is good that comes from theme parks, GREAT NIGHT SLEEPS!

The Zoo

We went to zoo with Amy and kids and Lisa and baby Taylor. It was so fun to watch Lincoln with his cousins. He wants to be a big boy so bad. Taylor slept alot of the times. She must like her stroller and it was a nice day to. I love taking Lincoln to the zoo. He knows the animals and growls at the scary ones. It's hilarious. Easton loves the reptiles, which I don't care for. They gross me out. Easton is so smart and knows all of them and where they live. He loves to read all the little templates about each animal.