Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New York with Amy

Amy and I went to New York for our good ole JetBlue new terminal 5 party. It was nice to get away and have a mini girls trip. New York is not my first destination choice for a girls trip but I was lucky enough to win it through my work. Thank you, JetBlue.

This is Amy and I at the new terminal. It was so nice and clean. It even smelt new. Especially, coming in from the yummy New York air. The halls were wide and roomy. I am exciting to fly there and have our customers fly to a new and improved terminal. Happy Jetting!

There was a press conference below, but we had to leave and catch our flight back home.

Our T5 runway photo. Oh how I need to cut my hair.
We walked around forever looking for the mexican restraunt that we wanted for dinner. We decided to go to a BBQ place. It was really good. But, we took the subway to Times Square from Jamaica and our waitor was telling us that there was a rapist/murderer kidnapping woman from Jamaica right where we were and that we should probably not go that way back to the Hotel. We were scared for the rest of the night. We definately took a cab back. The funny thing was we saw cops chasing someone on the subway. Ok maybe not so funny if it was that close to us.
Times Square!Amy and I at the M & M store at Times Square. I got Linc a blue M&M sippy cup. It was fun.

WOW, my belly is growing fast. Don't you love all the green!

BYU vs Wyoming

I have grown to love football over the years of our marriage. I have to say I became a true fan last year. Yes I know, and all on my own and I am not just my husbands supporter anymore. I know the players names and numbers and love to see them play. I get excited when we score and I love taking Lincoln with us. He is so funny, because he is two and he actually watches the game. He also, watches my husband and copies his every move. He sings along to the fight song and enjoys the end and yells GO COUGARS! I now look at football games as a time to bond as a family and enjoy fun moments with each other. Even though it can get hot and Lincoln gets cranky by 3rd quarter, I definately enjoy myself. We sit next to friends and I look forward to visiting with them. We occasionally go out to dinner after and make a night out of it.

I love these boys so much! "My friend" Lincoln says. It does help that BYU had another shut out....44-0.


BYU vs UCLA was a really fun game. It was really hot and the sun was shining directly at us. We got some chairs to sit on it is was amazing for our backs. Cougars won 59-0, broke some records and played there heart out.
Our family photo. I love Lincolns face in this picture.
Lincoln and Jimmy
Fun times..... ....and even more fun times.
There was the amber alert booth at the tailgate party outside and I learned all sorts of things about GPS systems. Always safe then sorry. Here is our picture with Curtis Brown.
He is such a happy little man.
"Mommy, I love ice so much" Lincoln said.
JLo glasses!!!
The Lewis Family

Sunday, September 7, 2008

1st BYU game of the Year

The BYU Football season has arrived and our SMILES say it all.

This is one of my favorite picture of Lincoln. He was so excited to be at the football game.
With his Uncle Jimmy causing trouble.
He was so tired because it was so HOT. It finally cooled down for the later half of the game.
He loves to drool all over me.
Saying, "Go Cougars"
A little sweaty and wet.
Lincoln is trying to get me.
Cheering for the Cougs!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lincolns Favorites

6 Months

color: anything that is bright
TV show: Bob the Builder
food: peas, bananas, Cheerios
loves: the jumper and crawling on the ground
blanket: the blue hole blanket from Aunt Sabrina
time of day: morning....wakes up so happy
book: crinkly ME book
movie: Bob the Builder
places: Hawaii, Las Vegas
play dates: the Farm
song: likes to listen to church music, it calms him down.

1 Year

color: yellow
TV show: bob the builder, backyardigans, word world and Disney shows
food: peas, noodles,
loves: to be outside and go on play dates
says: everything you say, ( my little mimic will say what he wants to say when he wants to say it) but starts to say sentences around 20 months.
movie: Finding Nemo and Peter Pan
person: Mommy
sport: baseball
blanket: bumpy blanket from Aunt Jenny
outfit: jeans and hoodies
time of day: good all day but nap time around 11am
book: animal book/puzzle book
restaurant: Panda Express...gets noodles/rice mix and mandarin chicken with a fortune cookie

places: Disneyland and the sandy beaches (Newport in Cali), Chicago
play dates: farm and playing with friends....especially at the park and baseball games

2 Years

color: BLUE! Daddy says
TV show: ELMO...aka Sesame Street
food: vegetable soup....loves pregresso soup. Also, chicken nuggets, spam, french fries, fruit, lima beans, all yummy candies, pretty much everything but salad, sometimes ice cream, no fish.
loves: his TOYS, his dog, his blanket, his chocolate milk and his SPORTS
saying: everything, could have a full conversation...favorites are Go cougars, mommy I love you, You complete me, alphabets and numbers to 20
movie: Finding Nemo and Cars; All Elmo movies or shows
person: Grandma love when in trouble, Daddy to have fun and Mommy when tired, hungry, sick and dirty diaper.
toy: golf toys and baseball T and bat
sport: Golf
blanket: horsey blanket (He takes it everywhere....it drives us nuts!)
outfit: Handy Manny pajamas, most pajamas with cartoon characters on it
time of day: evening if he had a nap
book: "My first BYU book"
restaurant: he likes restaurants with french fries and chicken

song: After he sings the Cougar Fight Song he says, I love that song. He loves singing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song. I have it on film it is hilarious. Anything that repeats things over and over...loves the turtle song(bubble, bubble, bubble)

American Idol

Jenny and I went to the American Idol concert this summer. It was by far the loudest concert I have ever been too. I guess that is what a room full of teenage girls sounds like. It was a lot of fun. Thank you, Jenny for coming with me.

David Archuleta sang Imagine, Apologize and Angels. It was really good.

David Cook!!!

I love Brooke! She is my favorite. She sang 1234, which I loved. I think she is so cute. Hopefully, she comes out with a good c.d. or I will be dissapointed.
Jenny and I
Stacy, Amy and Halle, Avery and Easton. They are so cute.
When I came home from the concert, this is how Lincoln and Dale were sleeping.

Like father, like son. Adorable, I just can't stand it.

Lincolns 2nd Birthday Party

My baby is TWO! I can't believe he is getting so big. If you have had a conversation with Lincoln you truly know he is growing up tooooo fast. I love talking with him. He is such a sweet and amazing little man. He tells his mommy and daddy that he loves them. After having Lincoln I truly know what true HAPPINESS means.

Lincoln wanted a bike and basketball hoop. What a wish list. But "what my baby wants, my baby gets" I work the graveyard shifts and Lincoln is on my schedule, but this special day he wakes up a little earlier and I hear him giggle and laugh. I climb out of bed and see him on his new bike. He loved it. He can't reach the pedals but loves to drag it with his feet, Flintstone style, all over the house. His smile tells it all.
Lincoln loves to golf with Daddy. Dale got him a practice putting green that shoots the ball back to you if you get it in the hole. He loves it, except he wants to use his real clubs and balls in our family room. Supervision required, atleast recommended.
Jimmy got him this nerf gun that shoots the ball 100mph.

J/K but it does shoot really hard and loud.

Shoot mommy!!!
We decided we would do something fun for his birthday. It started at Leatherbys, but Lincoln doesn't even care for icecream. Then it went to Chucky Cheese, but he is scared of talking stuff animals. Next was Fat Cats, but I knew we could do better than that. Finally, we decided on Jungle Gyms. Good choice for fun but the food was horrible. On the way there Lincoln was out cold. Lincoln picked out his Wall-E cake. He loves, loves Wall-E. Happy Birthday, Baby.

Look at his face. So cute. Here is Halle on one of the machines.
Lincoln thinks he is so big.
I know he was really being brave in front of his cousins. He had a look on his face that was so unsure. I think he did like the fact there were animals all around him.
Daddy and Lincoln. Look at Carson in the background waiting patiently for me take the picture.

He loved riding with Avery. Thank you, Avery.

He was hillarious on the bumper cars. Belly laughing is Lincolns trade mark.

I love that my son thoroughly enjoys life. It was so hard to get a good picture of this.

My parents got him a ton of gifts. He is very loved. This is his Cars bed. We have Cars pajamas that we got him and we have slumber parties in our bedroom. He wears his Cars pajamas, we set up his bed along side ours and he watches movies with us and stays up as late as he wants. It's so fun to have these moments together. I will never forget the laughter we share on slumber party nights. I love you, Lincoln.

Here is his Wall-E shirt that Grandma Love got him. Look at him examing the shirt.

I love this picture. Carson and Lincoln are such cute buds.

The Jungle Gyms workers were making out in the back and not paying attention to the kids, so we let them run wild. I love that Halle and Carson play to win. You gotta love my family.
Lincoln laughed and played so hard at the basketball game. Thank you, Dad for helping entertain Lincoln. He adores you.
Here is evidence of the car bed in action.

For his birthday party we had it at the Thanksgiving Point farm. I loved the idea of showing up with some presents and having other people do all the dirty work. The workers there are really friendly and sweet to youngings.
We started off with the face painting part.
Lincoln got a football. Can you tell?

Avery was my little helper. She is so good to Lincoln. She likes to look after him. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says a MOM. I can't wait to see her become a Mother when she gets older.
Here we are on the wagon ride. Is Lincoln smelling his show or looking for something?

We are so lucky to have great people in our lives that share these fun times with us. Thank you for all his presents and for coming to his birthday party.
Here is a fork lift truck he got.