Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's that time of year.......for colds and flus!

Lincoln got sick a couple weeks ago , during the weekend, with the 24 hour flu. Then by Wednesday, he got a cough. Next was a missing voice by Thursday. I took him to the doctor on Friday and she said he had a cold. He seemed to be doing good that day she said he is in the "getting done with it stage." He ended up with a fever again that night. The next day I felt horrible. By Sunday, Dale was sick too. Dale felt better the next day, but it took Linc and I a few days later. Thank goodness we felt better by Thanksgiving.
The little tricks people recommended is to put baby vapor rub on their feet and then put socks on them. It has helped with Lincoln's cough every time. Remember though I am not a doctor, so ask your doctor first. Another thing I have learned to love is those fever cooling pads that Lincoln has on. It seemed to work that night. Also, it has Mickey Mouse on it so he thought it was cool.

Don't you love his "I'm trying to smile" face.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny little man

Lincoln says the funniest things. I love him so much!!!

***Lincoln says "I need to go to the potty"
Dale says "Okay" and helps him with his diaper.
Lincoln sits down on his little potty for a little bit and says "Daddy, It's not working, it's broken."

It is so funny because he couldn't pee he said it is broken. KIDS!

*** Lincoln was watching his show Curious George, and I asked him if he needed anything from the store.

He says, "One moment please, I am watching my show."

Seriously! Gotta love this kid.

***"Lincoln you can't play with anymore games ." I say.

Lincoln says, "I want my daddy THEN." Little stinker.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Julies Baby Shower

I am so glad that all of my husbands friends married such great girls. We met at Archibalds for Julie Knowlton's baby shower. It was so fun to talk about babies and what the names are of all of our 6 expecting boys that we are having within January to April. I am 5 months, Julie is 9 months.

Julie: 9 months, Sheena:7 months, Julie and I have the same expecting date of March 29th: 5 months and Marcie: 4 months Thank you, Jamie for sharing meals with me. The taco salad and the turkey sandwich were delicious.

I want to have Gavins Hair.......

Lincoln will not let me cut his hair. He complains the whole time I am even combing his hair. I found out the reason he wanted long hair is because Gavin had his hair long. He said "Like Gavin's hair, Mom" every time I would style it. Well Gavin wanted his hair spikey and short. So, when I cut it Lincoln let me finally cut his hair right after. They have such strong mindsets when they want something.
Everytime we take a picture of Lincoln and Gavin, Lincoln is just looking at Gavin like he is the coolest person alive. I love it.


I just had my ultrasound last week and the baby is healthy and growing on time, with a due date of March 29th. We are so excited to have another baby boy. Lincoln loves to talk to the baby and give him loves. He won't let me call him Baby Lincoln he is Big Lincoln and I have the baby in my stomach. When did my baby become a big boy........I was quite alright with having two babies. It is so sad that they grow up so fast, even though I love this age. I want to make sure I enjoy every moment of his life. It is so much fun to have Dale and Lincoln in my life. I am very blessed to have a healthy and loving family. (This was definitely the last day I could wear this dress. The whole time at church I was praying that it didn't rip because it was so tight. Thank goodness it didn't. The boots are retired for awhile as well. Pregnancy, gotta love it.)

It's our Girls Trip and we will do what we want to....our Motto for the trip!

A few weeks ago we were sitting with our husbands watching football on a Saturday evening and Arah and I were talking about a well needed girls trip. In about ten minutes we were listed standby for a flight to Long Beach, had a place to stay (thanks to Arah's sister in law) and our car was booked for us to go to California for the next weekend. Sheri was already in California for a family trip to Disneyland so we called her to extend her stay and she was ready for the girls trip.

We left early Friday morning to extend our weekend trip as long as we could. We would have left Thursday night if I didn't have to work. It was Arahs first time flying on Jetblue. She loved the TV's (don't we all). We were excited to ditch the hoody and scarf in exchange for shorts and flip flops. Arah's sister in law picked us up at the airport and we went straight to her house to take a nap. It was so nice to be on vacation and rest. After our three hour nap we went to lunch and came home to eat my first Cupcake Surprise. It was delicious. I didn't even count how many I ate during the weekend. Next guess what we did......watched Serendipity and took another nap. Then Arah and I got a Jamba Juice, went to "The Secret of Bees" movie, and shopped. After we met up with Shari and had Taco Time. Last we read our books until we fell asleep.

The next morning we slept in til ten threw on our suits and headed for Ruby's on the Huntingbeach Peir. It was so fun to look out the window and see dolphins playing in the water. Next we layed out on the beach in the 88 degree weather. Then went home and took a nap. A couple hours later we got ready to go to our pedicures.
At the Pier in Huntington, after lunch.

At Rubys! We went for breakfast but woke up to late and ended up at lunch.

We got pedicures and manicures at a place across the pier. They do fun designs; I got circles, Sheri plaid and Arah stripes. It was so relaxing. After the pampering we went to Steve's favorite mexican restraunt. It was so good.

The last day we went to a yummy breakfast place that was off the pier. We went shopping and had dinner with friends. It was such a fun first girls trip. I am determined to take regular girls trips as much as possible.

At the Cheesecake Factory. Back to scarfs, beanies and hoodies. Sad day. Thanks to everyone who made this trip happen.

Dale and Lincoln at the BYU game

While I was on my girls trip Dale took Lincoln to the San Diego State game. Go Cougars!

Dino Musuem with the Vierigs

We went to the Dinosaur Museum with Mikki, Madison and Kennedy a couple weeks ago and it was so much fun. They spent awhile at the sand water box, playing with all of the dinosaurs and trees. Mikki and I were telling them that they needed to share with the other kids. We also, made a dam and lake for the dinosaurs. It was really fun just to play with our kids.

I had to keep Lincoln under control because he was always throwing the sand instead of placing it or moving it where it needed to be.

Madison and Lincoln are trying to play games on the computer. They are so cute.

Lincoln loves the hands on stuff at the museum.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love this PICTURE

He did his initials at school. Mrs. Kearns said that he did it all by himself. I am so proud of him. P.S. I love this smile because it reminds me of me when I was a little girl and didn't know how to smile. I will have to find a picture and post it side by side to this one.

NOT FUNNY....right

One morning we were all snuggling in bed and Lincoln said he wanted some cereal. So, usually he goes and gets the box and a bowl and brings it to us to pour (I know...lazy), anyways this was the result to the I want cereal. How do you not laugh when he is in trouble. I love being a Mom.
He said he made us one.

A....B....C....and Log Cabin

Lincoln loves to sing the alphabet and say the sounds to the letters. He is so smart. I just want to thank Sesame Street, Mrs. Kearns, Leap Frog, Word World and his foam alphabet letters in the tub. The alphabet is a really important tool in life and I want Lincoln to be excited to learn them. Isn't he adorable?!? "Alphabet train, Mom...CHOO CHOO" Lincoln says Lincoln got Lincoln logs last Christmas and he wanted me to build what was on the instructions. So, I did what I was told and made him his farm. He put his animals in it and played with it for a couple hours. The kicker is he would not let me take it down for days. Do you notice that it is in the middle of the room? It was so hard not to bump it and knock parts off. Lincoln would yell and say "Fix it, Mom, Fix IT" Finally when he was at school I put it away and hid the Lincoln logs in the closet along with his instruments that he got for his Birthday. I know....don't tell.

My determined son, Lincoln!

If Mommy says no fruit leathers than that means NO fruit leathers........

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jonah and Lincolns Play Date

Lincoln and I finally met Jonah and Liz for a summer play date in October. It has been to long for these rugrats to be apart. They were playing so good and having so much fun together. We went to the Dino museum and the farm.

Lincoln and Jonah trying to break out of jail. They were chasing each other around and finally Jonah was smart enough to stop and turn around to get Lincoln.
Here is Lincoln and I on the wagon ride. He wouldn't look at the camera because he was watching Jonah.
They are so cute.Lincoln and I feeding the goats for an hour. Lincoln said "It's so fun Mom."
They loved playing in the sand.....Luckily for those aprons that don't do much. Oh well.
Lincoln loves all buttons and wheels....any hands on things.
They were really scared to go in the cave but we finally talked them into it.
They were in and out. Thanks for playing with us Jonah and Liz.

Rex Halloween Party

We went to Pam's for a Halloween party with the family. She always has so much fun things for the kids to do and craft up. It was quite an eventful night and I love going to see her.

Dale was a blind Referee and I was a witch.

My little Cosmo the Cougar.
Amy, JD and the bunch.
This is my pregnant shot of 18 weeks along. Almost half way....Yippee.
The Vierig Family.

Lincoln was a little bit on the grumpy side. We woke him up from a nap before we got there.
Lincoln wanted a pumpkin on his face. He was so still and good.

Madison got a bat and a moon.
Shaylee wanted a candy corn. Sabrina did this cute witches hat.
And a ghost. It was fun doing something different.
Avery told me exactly how she wanted her witches hat. I just love this girl. She reminds me so much of myself. Scary thought for her. Sorry, Avery.
The men carved pumpkins. This is Dales element.
Lincoln has been holding onto this cookie for about an hour now. Then for a couple more hours until he got his ice cream.
Family photo in front of Dales pumpkin.
Lincoln loves his Uncle Jimmy.

The grandbabies.
Carson and Amy as pirates. "Yohooo, yohoo the pirates life for me." per Carson.
and here is the ice cream with the wooden spoon that he looks forward to from Grandma's house.
Halle with her vampire teeth. She is adorable.