Monday, January 31, 2011

My moms 32nd Bday (haha)

We went to my aunt and uncles house for my moms birthday. We had yummy dinner and played win it in a minute games. Our version of minute to win it. It was really fun but Dale had to beat us at I disqualified him. Happy 32nd birthday mama!

Our happy family (look at our children and their smilin' faces) My mom and Henry

My dad has a way with putting my kids to sleep.

Look at James sweet little toddler hands

My shift at Jetblue= lounging around

I work the graveyard shift and sometimes I beg my children to veg and lay in bed all day. We make it fun....we color, play games, watch whatever they want, say silly jokes, eat, call our friends and family members, eat some more, sing songs, take videos and pictures, clean off the crumbs before dad comes home, loves and cuddles, etc, etc. I love this time with my boys. I will cherish these moments forever. Henry and those cheeks

James trying to wrestle me.

Naked with his infamous shoe obsession. He will steal your shoes at the door and try them all on.
Love them.....I do threat them with their life if they hurt our baby. Henry will be on his own in a couple years. Good luck buddy.

Murray Basketball game

We went to the Murray Basketball game to watch Amanda's boyfriend Riley. He played a great game and of course Murray won. Also, it was fun to go back to our old school, but it's so new and different. It doesn't even feel like I even went to that school. I'm glad the gym looks the same, it brought back many school memories. James (look at that face...Adorable)

Lincoln has been posing these weird poses lately. I have no idea where he got this from.

And he wont look at the camera. He is such a funny little boy.

Where's Manda?

Such a rebel.....sitting on the stairs. I love that he has been folding his arms and holding his hands.

My camera had a smudge on the lense. But here I am forcing my children to take pictures with me.

Our family, Henry was at Grandma Pams


Megan told me that Boston and Kenton play tennis every friday at Golds Gym and asked if Lincoln could come and play. They have lessons for kids and Lincoln is loving every minute of it. He was so adorable and of course a pro right away. He hit the ball great and ran hard. Lincoln now practices in the basement. I love how driven and passionate he is. He will be so much fun to watch him grow.

Dale dressed Lincoln in the head band and wrist bands to fit the part of a tennis player. He got sweet compliments while at the gym.

Dino Museum Numeral Duex

Danae and I took the boys to lunch and the dinosaur museum. It was a lot of fun to let the kids run around and play. Unfortunately, there were 3 field trip classes there which made for a little chaos. Henry in his stroller. He was looking around especially at the boys and their craziness.

We have been reading a dinosaur book. Every night is a new dinosaur and it's fun to watch his little curiousity explore all the things around him. He just learned about what a paleontologist does and was really excited to look for dinosaur bones. Cooper went straight for the sand, but wasn't sure about the sand in his toes. He did taste it (yuck) and spit it out. The poor boy was cleaning off his tongue to try to get it all off.

I was trying to take a picture of just Danae and Cooper and James would not move out of the way.

My boys and I at the shark. Looking at this picture makes me remember the first time I took Lincoln to the museum a few years ago....and look at us now.

I love this little baby. Henry is such a good little boy.

The dinosaur scale.

Lincoln and Henry

Collaborate and listen.....

This is phase 1 of the moving Lincoln and James in the same room. Results: Success! Well it was a process. Lincoln was all sorts of excited. James loved the idea but parting with his crib and having the choice to run out was a little tricky. The first night was doing the exercises, protein shake, read Dino book, read scriptures, pray, then least favorites and favor ties, tuck kids in and off our merry way....well Dale stayed and I was off my merry way. The next night we tortured our poor children and had the lights off and shut the door (the same thing we would do with James in the crib every night since he was 3mths old). But I guess that was too traumatizing for Lincoln since he sleeps with his night light and covers over his head. Lincoln could not handle James crying himself to sleep. Third night was the threat to go back in his crib. We did the routines, then both went off our merry way....until he kept on running out. So, we said you get out of your bed one more time and your sleeping in your crib. I know that was a little risky, because this could have totally backfired. But behold the 4th night. James was threatened with the crib and ran his cute little behind back to his bed and fell right to sleep. It's been blissful ever since. We have waited a couple weeks before Henry goes in the crib, but I'm pretty sure James is over it. Lincoln had our old queen bed since the toddler bed was not a hit. If anyone has slept on that bed knows that bed is the most fabulous bed that we've owned. He was okay with getting rid of it since his brother was moving in.

James helped clean up the room for his stuff to come in. We moved the clothes to Lincolns room before we had Henry. But the other things are slowly coming together.

James loves his big boy bed. We have the mattress and the box springs on the ground for two reasons. a) so when he falls off it's not a far fall (which he has fallen a handful of times already) and b) we wanted to make sure sharing rooms would work before Dale made custom beds. If it didn't work we would buy another queen since that seems like a better long term option. I've now told Dale let the building of their custom baseball beds begin.

Just a side note: When we say our favorites and least favorites for the day, Dale says umm before saying what he thinks. So, now when you ask James what his favorites are he says umm in his sugary sweet voice and giggles at himself. I absolutely love, love, love this part of my day. I work at night and I made myself a split shift so I can do the night time routine.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Henrys Blessing

I was really anticipating Henry's baby blessing, because I love the feeling of love I feel that day from my Heavenly Father. What an amazing gift that we are given to be parents of His children and I am most grateful everyday for being a mother. Henry is such a sweet little boy. His smile makes me so joyful and happy that I can't stop smiling now just thinking about it. I love having family and friends come to love our baby and to witness him recieving a name in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Henry Nolan Rex.Dale dressing Henry in his blessing clothing. Lincoln taking pictures of himself in the mirror. I love this pic.

Henry loving his Grandma Pam

Our family

I love the way Henry is looking at Avery in this picture.

Look at those arms, I just want to kiss them.

Amy and Henry

Jenny and Henry

Sabrina and Henry

Shaylee and Henry James ate one thing that day and it was chocolate cake. He didn't want me to wash up his face. Probably because he wants to save it for later.

Taylor and Henry

Pam and Henry

The kids ate and played downstairs. We had yummy potato soup and taco soup, with lots of desserts. They played with toys and the wii games.

Halle and Easton

At the end of the day, Henry was ready for his nap.

Din Don Museum

I love having a Thanksgiving Point pass. It makes it easy to go somewhere fun when we are bored at home. I love bringing friends to play with Lincoln and James too. My kids are really into dinosaurs right now. They love watching dinosaur train and dino dan. It's fun to see what they see on tv in person. James, Diesel, Lincoln, and Henry

Henry loves going to the museum. He eats and gets pushed in his stroller while admiring the dinosaur bones.

Crazy boys in the light and space area at the front of the museum. They change this area to teach kids different science projects. Last time it was magnets. Which was really cool.

Such a hard day. He deserves a nap.

Taylor and James. He is contemplating on going inside the hands on display.

He is so cute. I have to put every angle of him sleeping.

Yup, he decided to get inside. I don't think this is what they meant on hands on but James kind of does what he wants. He didn't want to leave this area so I started walking away saying bye James. And Lincoln was freaking out saying "we can't leave him. Mom don't go" I kept on telling Lincoln that he will come because Moms know what they are doing. He was not happy with this. But James always came all on his own.

Me and the boys in the cave. I can't believe Lincoln is still scared of the cave. James on the other hand ran around in it over and over again.

All of our drawings on display. Don't you love the way Lincoln did his hair. It's called dinosaur hair, for those that do not know that.
James was not a fan of the sand. He would touch it and then dust his hands off. He liked playing with the din don. Which means dinosaurs.

Lincoln built a big fort with the sand and watched the water go through it. He loves this part of the musuem.

He loves to play games. If you have ever come to our house, the first thing he wants to know is if you want to play any games. His favorite dinosaur game on the computer is the color a dino picture with fun colors and patterns.

I think this has become a tradition now.

My family of boys. Lincoln is showing off his muscles and James is acting like the shark is eating us. He is saying woaooooh.

Another pic of Henry eating a bottle. He has been trying to hold his bottle.