Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Doggy is LOST!!!

We have had a horrible past few days. Our family member Chopper has been missing since Sunday night. We have looked all over our neighborhood and all the surrounding areas, on foot and by car, day and night. It sucks so bad to not know where he is and if he is okay. The snow storms have not helped us in trying to find him. We have called every animal shelter in utah and have called some animal hospitals around our area. We have put flyers at stores and business buildings. We have emailed neighbors and have handed out flyers. We are posted on KSL, Pet Savers, Craigslist and city newspapers.
If you have ever lost a pet, please give us any advice you have. We are more than willing to try anything. We cannot function in life without our pet Chopper. Lincoln has roamed around our house trying to find him, yelling Chop Chop and dog. He also, pounds on the sliding door for me to let him in. When we go in the garage he cries looking for Chopper.
We originally got Chopper when we first got married because Dale would go out of town and didn't want me home alone. Chopper looks like a scary dog so we thought he would be a great guard dog. We realized he probably wouldn't hurt anyone who came by. Just hand them a toy and get in fetch mode. He is such a great dog and is always there for us when we need a friend. We love him so much.
When I was pregnant with Lincoln, we were worried if Chopper would hurt him. Little did we know we would have an extra babysitter. Chopper is very protective of Lincoln and lets him do whatever to him. Like pulls him around, lays on him, rides him and says giddy up or plays fetch with him even if the ball only rolls in front of him.
We love and miss our dog so much. If you have heard anything or know what to do in this situation please let us know. Thank you.