Monday, October 24, 2011

Spouse Quiz

Spouse Quiz
What was the last thing your spouse said to you? Love you babe

What is your spouse's nickname? Babe

What is your favorite thing your spouse wears? Shorts and hats, love summer clothes on him.

Where did you meet? At the mall

Who said "I love you" first? I'm not sure....I'm guessing him.

Who spends more money?  Dale
What is your spouse's best physical feature? I love his hands, his legs, his smile, his eyes, I think he's pretty hot.

Does your spouse snore? Yes, when he is really tired.

Who is more affectionate? Me, it used to be him when we were dating ;)

What is "your song"? Me and you by Kenny Chesney

What do you love most about your spouse? He is the BEST father EVER!!!

What is your most funny memory? When he rolled our friend Heather up in a dirty rug while we were in college.  Or when we play the celebrity game.  We are pretty competitive and pretty funny.

What was your most tender moment? When he held our first born in his arms in the recovery room.  I will never, ever forget his face.

What is your favorite thing to do with your spouse? Watch sports....j/k.  I love to go for drives with him.  We have the time to talk to each other.

What makes you proud of your spouse? He sets goals to always improve and never settles for just okay. 

What is your spouse's greatest talent? He can fix and build things pretty darn well.  (I think the word for the day is pretty.  Count how many times I say pretty.)

What is your wish for your future? That we will be happier than our happiest moments.  And he will love this! To tour the country in a Motor home together. pretty fun ;)

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