Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Lincoln at preschool with Kenton the pirate and Batman Boston.

Sabrina has a little niece Emily that has been fighting cancer most of her life and they did a fundraiser run in her honor.

James, Jimmy and Lincoln

Our family of 5

Taylor and I

We waited for James to wakeup before we went trick or treating.  It was fun to come down and trick or treat with Brett and Jenny, and especially with Taylor.

He is one bad A ninja

Ariel and Ninja

I love how Jenny doesn't skip the details.  Her red hair is amazing.

Still sleeping.

Getting ready to get our candy

It was a rainy, cold night so we left Henry with Pam.  Thank you Grandma Pam.

They were so cute going up to the door together and saying trick or treat earning their candy well.

James' first Halloween actually trick or treating. I think he got pretty bored of it to be honest.

James was really busy playing hard with the toys.

Lincoln as the bad ninja

Isn't he precious

Dale and his skull

Henry was a really tired ninja.

Dales third pumpkin at Grandma Pam's house.

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