Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Henry Nolan Rex

I went to a football game on Saturday as a family, training at work on Sunday all while I was contracting 5 minutes apart for 2 minute contractions. Later Sunday night I worked my shift with 3 minutes apart and 4 minute contractions. I wanted to make sure they were not sending me home from the hospital as false labor. That was 10/10/10. Monday morning I was still contracting 3 minutes apart and 4 minute contractions. I was in so much pain! But since I was 3 weeks early, I had to pack my bags, my babies bags and get ready for the day because I knew it would be my last for awhile. Three kids and all. So, around 11 am I called Dale back home and said we need to go to the hospital, I'm having a baby today. I think Dale thought, actually I know Dale thought we were not having a baby that day. On the car ride to the hospital I felt awful. Did I tell you I was in so much pain? I cried a lot and felt like I was slowly dying. When we got to the hospital they took my info, got me hooked to the machines and started watching my progression. I was moving a lot because having a contraction doesn't necessarily make you stay still. Three hours later they called my doctor and I had him at 7:07pm on Oct 11.  He was 7lbs 7oz 21 1/2inches and was as healthy and beautiful as can be.  We couldn't decide on Henry or Nolan for about a day in the hospital, so he ended up being Henry Nolan Rex. 

The delivery was good.  Well as good as a c-section can be.

Right after he was weighed and checked.

The boys were so excited.  James was not excited for Dad to hold baby though.  He has been all about Dale ever since he was born.

I threw up a couple of times.  So, yes that is a barf bag positioned in an inconvenient spot for the picture.

Lincoln loves his brothers.  He really wanted a girl but he then said to me that it was good thing we had a boy because where would we put any girl toys at in our house.

James is still a baby.  He is only 18 1/2 months old.  So, we let him lay in the baby cradle all he wanted. 

Lincoln is always concerned about me after I have a baby.  He is worried if I am okay with all the machines hooked up to me.

It's an 18 month boy.....could you imagine if they were this big when they are first born.  Yikes!

My LIFE is fabulous!

Taking Henry home.

We were really excited to go home.  We missed our kids.  I missed the hospital ice though.

This is the smile I love.

At the elevator we noticed his positioning of his fingers.  I guess he was ready to leave the hospital too. 

Picking up our kids at Pam, Jenny and Brett's house.  I don't know what we would do without their help.  It was midterms for Dale while we were staying at the hospital.  We thank them for the party which my kids had as well.  Jenny was so nice to watch them all day.  We love you Jenny and Brett.

James missed his daddy.

Aunt Jenny had them carve Disney pumpkins.  Taylor loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They love hanging out with their cousin and wished they could've stayed longer.

Jenny, Taylor and Henry.

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