Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

My husband loves to carve pumpkins.  Really loves to carve pumpkins!  I think he spent a total of 6 hours looking up pumpkins online, printing them off online, gutting the pumpkin, carving many pumpkins.  It is definitely something he looks forward too. Hopefully the kids will join in on his excitement.

The BYU pumpkin

James poking away at his pumpkin that Dale would carve.

We eventually just gave him markers and told him to decorate it that way.

Henry's 1st Halloween

Yes that is tape on Lincolns mouth.  The poor kid talks as much as I do.

2nd pumpkin carved which was a skull.

Henry likes to sleep.  Love cuddling with newborns.  It's the best.

A little treat break

James is trying to boss me around.  Doesn't he know who the true boss is.

It's so fun that Lincoln is old enough to carve his own pumpkins.  He made a bat.

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